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Whether you’re thinking of Infusionsoft, learning it for the first time, or have had it for years and consider yourself a power user, Benelds has a range of products to help you get more from Infusionsoft, and more from your business.

New To InfusionsoftPower User

Benelds has guided and assisted my organisation, Guardian Strata, to transform itself during the last 12 months. Its truly remarkable what we have achieved, in partnership, during this time. They richly deserve the recent accolades in terms of being the fastest growing partner in the Infusionsoft ecosystem. This would not have been possible unless they have continued to deliver transformational solutions to their clients as they have done with us. It is with the highest confidence I urge you to consider Benelds for your next transformational project.

Ossie Pisanu

MD, Guardian Strata

New To Infusionsoft

With businesses new to Infusionsoft, our first target is a rapid return on investment. We want to fast track you to gaining staff, time, and money back from your effort. It’s important to us that new Infusionsoft users get quick wins, and not only quickly gain from their investment, but open their eyes to their potential.

Thank you for a great 3 days of learning at Beneld’s Summer Camp. Over the past three days, I have gone from being scared of Infusionsoft and knowing it as “Confusionsoft”. My goals of having a successful business that runs itself is finally coming to life thanks to you both.

Joyce Ong

Owner, Young Musicians' Academy

You’re a power user?

Draw on the fact that we sit at the crossroads of hundreds of Australian businesses, and let us show you things you didn’t even know were possible. Work with us to clean up and consolidate what you already have, build a long term strategy and take your business to another level.

Team Training

You bought Infusionsoft. And now you need your whole team to know how to use it!

Your team will be trained by one of the two Directors of Benelds, who’ve been responsible for steering the growth of the world’s fastest growing Infusionsoft Partner.

There’s a reason these guys are the world’s fastest growing Infusionsoft Partner. Dealing with the Benelds team you can tell here are individuals who live and breathe Infusionsoft. Not only do they understand the running of the system but also excel when it comes to out of the box solutions. With their help we’ve implemented some brilliant time saving automation as well as found ways to smoothly run campaigns which we thought out of the scope of what Infusionsoft could do.

Josh Metcalfe-Parsons


Silver Starter

Supercharge your business with the 5 Fundamental Sales & Marketing Automation Systems.

Silver Starter combines the guided learning process of the Bronze starter and levels up for those too impatient for success to entertain doing it alone.


Regardless of how experienced you are in Infusionsoft, University is designed to take it to the next level. Over three days, our experts will help you (or your employees) master the tools and understand the strategies that will drive your business forward. You’ll cover the basics of how to make a good first impression on prospects, understand and segment your contact data, and create marketing campaigns with Campaign Builder.

Xero Connect

Integrate Infusionsoft and Xero in a full two way sync.

This is way more exciting than it sounds.

Read here or here.


Turn your knowledge into a digital empire, using the best membership platforms available to small business today: Infusionsoft, iMember360 and WordPress.

Ongoing Support

Infusionsoft signals some big changes in the way see and run our businesses, and can sometimes be overwhelming. We often hear new Infusionsoft users saying, at the end of their initial training, “…What now?”

Ongoing Support is our answer to this problem.


Virtual resources, online help, live Q&A Webinars with leading in Small Business experts, a library of API Integrations and exclusive access to Benelds Design Campaigns.

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Your Systems Are Broken

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