Membersite Solution

Add recurring online revenue to your business.

Add recurring revenue to your business.

If you’re looking for the mythical holy-grail of “passive income”, move on. We don’t deal with bullshit.

However, if you’re looking to add an alternate stream of recurring revenue to your business, and utilise the power of Infusionsoft to insulate yourself from bad cash flow, this is the right place.

Don’t kid yourself that it’ll create “passive” income – there’s nothing passive about it. But it is compounding, recurring, low-touch income that can help you work less while making more. And isn’t that what we all want?

I was using Infusionsoft as a glorified e-mail newsletter sending system for over a year, and certainly not using it to its fullest capability.
I got Infusionsoft so that I could harness the power it had to offer, so I started working with Benelds.
We have been working together on automating much of my business and developing a totally new membership product, all are using Infusionsoft and integrating it into my current website.
It’s taken my business to a whole new level and is now providing me with a regular monthly income that’s growing every day.
In just a short time I’m now working less and making more. I can’t thank them enough. Their enthusiasm, knowledge and support has been infectious.
David Heatley

Owner, Cycling-Inform

Create a powerful Infusionsoft-driven membership site with the ultimate membersite plugin for wordpress, and introduce recurring revenue to your business.

Pick your revenue model:

Fixed Time Delivery

Delivers drip-fed content to members at the same time. Often combined with live online classes.

Digital Product Delivery

Provides a download area for the product, a knowledge base, and access to a support forum or ticketing system.

Lead Generation

A membership site with free regularly updated content, where members must register to get access to the content.

Directory Listings

Where members post their listings. These could be for items for sale, a service, or a property or equipment rental, a la Gumtree.

Service Delivery

Site owner delivers a service to members. An example would be individual and group tuition with support documentation, such as an online instrument tutor.

Real World Events

Created free for the attendees of a real world paid event, such as a conference or a training course, or a even a wedding.

Course Library

A site with a large number of courses available, at least several hundred. The courses will cover a wide range of niches – like

Online Classroom

A site with one or a small number of courses available. The courses will be relatively short and in the same or related niches.

Community Group

This is where much of the content is created by the members themselves – the site owner is responsible for moderation. It could be a blog network, or a popular forum.

Evergreen Drip-Fed

The most common membership model. Content is made available to the member over time relative to the member’s joining date.

Pick your pre-built automation systems:

The Essentials

On WordPress:

  • Login Page
  • Welcome Page
  • User Home
  • User Account Settings
  • Framework for Your Content
  • Up to 3 Membership Levels
  • Site-wide “No Access” message

In Infusionsoft:

  • iMember360 Control Centre Campaign
    • Test Member Creation
    • Password & User Account Created from manually and purchase-triggered goals
    • Membership Level Access created from manually and purchase-triggered goals

Knowledge Base:

  • Free membership in our own membersite, with support forum and full documentation
+ Billing Automation

For Credit Card driven Membersites, we can include the following:

Billing Automation

  • Automation to capture and correct soon-to-be expiring credit cards
  • Automatic access restriction when a payment fails
  • Automatic access correction when a previously failed payment is successful


  • Setup of a billing portal that allows your clients to update their own payment details
+ Reporting

Include in your membership system:


  • Lifetime Customer Value Report
  • Retention Summary
  • User Engagement Summary
+ Community

The most successful kind of membersite gives users a reason to keep coming back:

Build A Community

  • This is what we do best: turn your customers into a thriving community of committed members and raving fans.
The Ultimate Membersite System

Get all of the above, plus:

The Ultimate Membership System

  • Trial Membership Campaign
    • Automate the capture and creation of a trial membership, and automatically convert a paying member or remove access for those who do not sign up.
  • Lost Trial Recovery Campaign
    • Just because someone doesn’t go ahead, doesn’t mean all is lost. Send a survey to your lost trial members and learn how to improve your content.
  • Payment Fail Recovery Campaign
    • An automated campaign that encourages members to settle their invoices, without you having to pick up the phone. And a flag for you to pick up the phone if they don’t update their details.
  • User Engagement Campaign
    • Just because you made a sale doesn’t mean you can forget about your customers. Use our proven methodology to encourage engagement and retention.
  • Lost Member Recovery Campaign
    • Just because someone has cancelled, doesn’t mean you can’t save them. Use our proven system to convert cancelled members and cross-sell them into another kind of customer.

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