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Systemise your school and get the time back that you need to really grow your business, so you can share your passion with a bigger audience.

Whether you’re running a fully fledged school of rock, teaching piano, drama or tennis, extra-curricular activities are what make our kids into great future citizens.  Our automation system for your business model is designed to give you your life back, and the time to get out of the weeds and really grow the business.

Our Automation System for schools will help you gain new students, onboard them (and their parents) effortlessly, manage end of term performances or competitions and sell masterclass and holiday workshops.

But we know it’s not all about the students. Too much of your time is spent managing your staff and contractors, so we have automations to make life easier to hire and onboard new team members, as well as follow up key compliance dates like insurance and working-with-children checks so you can sleep soundly at night.

We can partner with you, and bring you into 2016 with an all in one solution that can get your business running smoothly.

13 Infusionsoft Campaigns

Attract & Sell

1. New Enquiry Response

Provides an immediate response to web enquiries. In this industry we’ve found that the biggest factor to conversion is speed of response to the initial enquiry. This campaign helps to mitigate this factor.

2. Sales Pipeline

Create a manageable, trackable sales pipeline out of all inbound enquiries, and collect the information necessary to convert a new customer.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Stop wasting time answering the same questions over and over – trigger pre-built templates instead.

Nurture & Wow

4. Happy Birthday!

Send your students, their parents, and all of your prospects and happy birthday message each year.

5. Teacher Introduction to Student

Introduce your new student to their new teacher, and start building trust and rapport from day one.

6. Long Term Nurture

Communicates with students and parents throughout the year with relevant topics. Students are segmented based on key points of difference, i.e. the instrument that they play or the sport they’re interested in.

Easy Admin

7. Teacher Assignment

Assign a teacher, and automatically update the student and the teacher.

8. Staff Love

Communicate with teachers and staff throughout the year, offer motivation and team bonding experiences.

9. Team Member New/Update Details

Effortlessly add new teachers or instructors to the system, or update existing teachers’ contact details with ease.

Next Level Automation

10. Calendar Based Communication for Teachers

Automatically communicate important dates and events to your teachers, and never miss the deadline for an important notice again.

11. Calendar Based Communication for Students

Sleep soundly at night knowing you didn’t forget to tell your students about that concert date, or exams dates. Communicate with them automatically.

12. Catch Up Lessons

Do you offer catch-up lessons? We’ve got you. Easily send rescheduled lesson information to the student via SMS, and notify the teacher via email and SMS.

13. Win Back Cancellations

Manage exiting customers and win them back, automatically.

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Available on application only.

Infusionsoft isn’t for every business. Are you ready to take advantage of what efficient systems can do for your business?

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I have gone from being scared of Infusionsoft and knowing it as “Confusionsoft” to running all my payments and communications automatically. My goal of having a successful business that runs itself is finally coming to life thanks to you both.

Joyce Ong

Owner, Young Musicians' Academy

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Our systems go beyond just getting you organised. They can be used anywhere you have an internet connection, on any computer, anywhere in the world.

Limited Offer

Available on application only.

Infusionsoft isn’t right for everyone. Is your business ready to take advantage of automation?

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Your Systems Are Broken
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Your Systems Are Broken

(and what to do about it)

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