I’m a firm believer in using Infusionsoft as it comes before getting carried away with add-ons and plug-ins.  The reason is simple, Infusionsoft will cover off your whole business really nicely as it comes right out of the box.  When we start looking at plugins usually it’s because we’re going down the rabbit-hole on some insane marketing idea, instead of making sure we have our foundations in place to begin with. It’s so important that you have something basic in place for each stage of your customer’s journey through your business before you start over-complicating it.

BUT, I’ll agree, sometimes you do need to use a 3rd party solution. So, how do you find something that integrates with Infusionsoft?

The first place I look, if I’m looking for a solution and I don’t have anything in mind yet, is the infusionsoft marketplace – marketplace.infusionsoft.com

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.14.19 am


The marketplace is where apps that are built for Infusionsoft live, so it’s a great place to start if you’re trying to solve a problem.

In here you’ll find everything from quick plugins that let you send SMS’s from the campaign builder, or perform basic maths inside the CRM, through to full help-desk and appointment setting solutions like AppointmentCore and FuzeDesk.




The next place I look is Zapier. Zapier is a software service that connects cloud-apps to cloud-apps.  I use it when I’m connecting big solutions, not just looking for a quick plug in.   One of our favourite Zapier ‘Zaps’ is Infusionsoft > Xero. Checking Zapier will also tell you how ‘big’ a cloud app you’re looking at is, whether it has marketshare, and whether it has a practical API (the software plug that lets cloud apps talk to one another).

There are a couple of products like Zapier about, the others you can check are Onesaas and Pennypipe (which is money-app focused)



Finally, I ask the member groups.  A great place to start is the Infusionsoft Users Australia Facebook group, often if you’re looking for a solution on of the members has had the same problem before, or one of the Infusionsoft Certified Partners who are active on the group will jump in and help out.

Good luck with your integrations!

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