Xero Connect

it’s finally a reality

Finally move away from pennypipe and zapier, and get the ONLY integration that is fully compatible with line items, tax and a TWO WAY SYNC! Finally you can trigger automation from a payment marked as received in Xero!

An exciting new tool

Introducing you to Workato, with their all-new Infusionsoft integration.

From Infusionsoft

Create and update invoices in Xero from Infusionsoft

From Xero

Finally, trigger automated follow-up in Infusionsoft FROM Xero!

Eliminate manual data entry.

Thanks to Workato, we can finally eliminate the manual task of creating invoices in Xero from purchases in Infusionsoft (or Shopify, Woocommerce or BigCommerce for Revenue Conduit Users).

Finally, we have an integration that syncs both ways!

As if that wasn’t good enough,┬áinvoices will sync both ways, meaning that services business can finally take full advantage of automation in their sales processes, as well as gain valuable client insights into purchasing behaviour.

Stop Doing Your Books Manually!

Stop Doing Your Books Manually!