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The Academy is changing. We’ll soon be unlocking a repository of Infusionsoft wisdom, to help you dominate this tricky software we all love to hate. The Automation Academy is a learning centre and community that provides an affordable way to learn how to free yourself from tasks that keep you from the important things in your life. 

Learn how to systemise and automate your business from start to finish, and free yourself from the day-to-day.


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In late 2012, we created the Infusionsoft Users Australia Group on Facebook.

We felt that there was a huge opportunity to create a supportive community of business owners who have taken the plunge to implement Infusionsoft into their business.

We also recognised that Infusionsoft comes with an extremely steep learning curve, and we wanted to be able to help as many Australian companies as possible get to grips with this beast of a software!

Now, with almost 800 active members (at the time of writing), representing Infusionsoft’s ever-expanding Australian market, the group has organically grown to become a huge success, and is the go-to place for many Australian Infusionsoft users seeking help with their systems.

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